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The Echo Park Craft Fair was everything we hoped it would be! An absolute dream filled with vintage findings and perfectly handcrafted everythings. The Arts District was the best place to host it.  Everyone was beautiful. Ultimate California Summer cool

Some of our favorites from the weekend:

Perfect Sixty-Nine

The most poifect denim pieces for you, your kid, and your dog. 

Black Crane

I should’ve bought the gauze tank from the Spring ‘12 collection. F my frugal ass.

Mohawk General Store

The best leather necklaces by Andria Crescioni

Gabriela Artigas

The most elegant and delicate pieces of jewelry our eyes could see. Grey was smart and went home with a piece. 

All in all it was a great fair. Feeling inspired by our surroundings once again! Can’t wait for next year. I’ll save up. 

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